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Like I wrote in my first post, I’m learning how to write a successful blog. And I’m learning from a pro, John Somnez. I hope I don’t have to tell you who John is. But in case you never heard of him, he’s a maniac blogger in the good sense of the word maniac. His blog simpleprogrammer.com has more than 3000 views a day. His blog contains different parts and it’s not only in text. He has a video and a podcast section as well. John not only blogs about coding but he talks and writes passionately about how to market yourself as a developer and has great tips on learning and even fitness. And he recently published a book Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual. The best part is, he writes from his own experience. And that is exactly what he does in his email course “How to write a blog that will boost your career”. I already wrote about the first lesson in my previous post, which was all about choosing the right theme. The second one was about the whole setting up a blog, choosing a domain name, provider, software. I already had all that in place, so I was ready for lesson 3. And I must say, that was the hardest one so far! And to be honest, I’m not really finished with it.

So what is that lesson that almost ruined it for me?
The assignment in lesson 3 is to create a list, better word would be a backlog, with 50 blog ideas. And maybe you can guess my problem. I can’t come up with 50 items. I have 14 items at this moment. I received the lesson 12 days ago, just before the end of my Christmas holiday. I started working again, was very busy, and ignored the new lessons I was receiving. I almost gave up. But yesterday I tried again, I read lessons 4, 5 and 6. Had another go at the list, still no inspiration, but….I decided not to quit. John says in lesson 3 that if you can’t come up with 50 items, you should reconsider the chosen theme. Maybe I can expand it a little. After all Javascript works with HTML and CSS, and my goal is becoming a better webdeveloper. So I will still start with blogging about my experience in learning Javascript. But the overall theme of my blog is now HTML5. This will work fine for me, because I also want to learn more about CSS.

So I continued the course and yesterday I had to decide about the posting schedule. I agree with John on this, that a good blog has to have a regular posting schedule. It has no use if you don’t update your blog regularly. Making a schedule will commit me to my blog. I didn’t have to think too long about this. Once a week is a minimum John says and since I have limited time during the week, it will be every Sunday for me. Ok, I admit, it’s Saturday today. I have some time now and decided not to wait until tomorrow. And actually this blog post is the homework assignment for lesson 5.

So if you want to start blogging and like me have tried before or don’t know where to start….start with this course! And you might end up buying John’s book, like I did today.


  1. Great read and I too need to get to blogging. I like the code I get to write now I just need to find my voice to write about it. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Hi Simone, thanks for sharing your struggle and also the progress! I have been starting my own blog for half a year now and I guess it’s also time for the to subscribe to the blog course. So thanks for the inspiration and have fun blogging!

  3. I’ve had my geocaching blog since 2010 and I have a bit of a different take on blogging now. I started blogging regularly with loads of ideas, random thoughts and nearly every time I went geocaching. Now I blog every now and just I’ve been somewhere exciting or have something interesting to say. I think that keeps my interest in it.

    I look forward to reading your blog posts as I’d like to become a better web developer too. I’m a sys admin by trade, but over the last few months I’ve been teaching myself responsive web design and Bootstrap. That really was quite cool. I’m on to JQuery now which is quite hard going as I’ve never really gotten into Javascript, but I’m trying! :)

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